FLO invited as a guest speaker at the 2TheTop Academy

July 14, 2018by admin

For the culture…

Although FLO is focusing on her music career, her passion for basketball is as strong as ever. That’s why she accepted to work with 2TheTop Academy. This Florida-based Spring basketball camp moves to the Caribbean each summer. It “aims to be, for our young people, the bridge between the efficiency of an organized sports system ran in the French-speaking Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique on one hand, and the requirement of an athletic-based educational American system on the other”. In order to teach values such as Discipline, Respect, Education, Alimentation, Mental and Sacrifice, the Academy makes sure to present living examples of its motto : “nothing is greater than your D.R.E.A.M.S!”. In 2018 and 2019, FLO was one of the guest speakers to inspire this upcoming generation of Caribbean youth aged 7 to 17.

Switching back and forth between French, English and Kreyòl, FLO shared stories about her personal experience, about being a girl with big dreams while growing up in Guadeloupe. 

From her school days and how she fell in love with hip-hop to her living and working in the United States now, the rapper entertained her young audience who didn’t hesitate to clap and sing along as she rapped the importance of being true to the Kreyol culture they have in common.

For more info visit: 2TheTop Academy

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