New FWIstyle video drops!

June 11, 2019by Din Advice

FLO is back at it with her one-minute flo series, the #FreshWestIndiesStyle #FWIstyle! On this 4th installment she teams up with exXÒS mètKaKOla on the beat, dOOb6 on the mix and @oldrhumpapi for the visuals. The video takes place in FLO‘s hometown, on the streets of the old town of Pointe-á-Pitre in Guadeloupe, the scene is filled with authentic graffiti style murals. The next frames take you close to the historical site of the Darboussier rhum factory, right on the mythical b-ball court of ACD. In the video FLO is sporting gear from her collabo partners at GangGang and Just Gwada.

Watch the video here

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Writer: FLO
Beat: exXÒS mètKaKOla (Kako Label)
Mix/Master: dOOb6 (Up Da Hill Studio)
Dir: @oldrhumpapi (Sunday Mood Discovery)
Cover Artwork: Cinlab

Created by Din Advice X Flomedia