Musical Vibes AR avec FLO

April 20, 2019by Din Advice

You can now hear never before released music by FLO on a new venture she embarked on with the augmented reality video game Musical Vibes AR.

Discover new Hip-Hop music producers, singers/rappers and choreographers in augmented reality! Download today for free Musical Vibes AR for iOS on the App Store here, and Android there.

The augmented reality feature allows the game to add high-quality 3D characters and special effects to the video coming from the camera of your phone (iPhone 6S or SE or more recent) or tablet (2017 or more recent or Pro)! This means that you’ll be able to them perform in your living room, dance studio, at the beach, wherever you want! You can recorder the scene to make your own music videos and share them on social media!

The track in this trailer is:

FLO – Not Today
Beatmaker: DJ PAIN 1
Freestyle by: Sam I Am (Samantha Shayla Hinds)

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”hncvRTBvYr0″ ]

Created by Din Advice X Flomedia